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Jewish Policy Center Unveils Redesigned Website


Washington, D.C.The Jewish Policy Center is pleased to announce the launch of its new website and database on June 1. The upgrade includes not only visual improvements for JPC readers, but also enhances the JPC’s ability to engage with members and scholars alike.

JPC Senior Director Shoshana Bryen made the announcement, saying, “We have always been proud of our content, and now we have a website that showcases our content beautifully. Our goal is to interact with our members and readers, and to provide thought-provoking articles and reports of activities in a way that is user-friendly and encourages feedback and discussion. We didn’t have that before; now we do.”

Improvements to the JPC’s website include:

  • Responsive layouts for easy reading on both desktop and mobile platforms
  • Enhanced design, including more embedded images and multimedia
  • Closer integration with email, donation, and event management systems

Bryen added that the JPC has also changed emailing systems as part of the upgrade. “We know that in this process, some e-mails will be read as SPAM by the recipients’ filters – and some readers will stop seeing inSIGHT, inCONTEXT and our other offerings. We will be taking several steps to limit the damage but the most important thing is that readers add info@jewishpolicycenter.org to their contact lists, to ensure that JPC emails are not marked as SPAM.

“We hope people continue to read the JPC in print and online, and hope they continue to find it valuable. This is a technical and stylistic upgrade that should make the JPC experience an excellent and easy one.”

To sign up or manage an email subscription please visit www.JewishPolicyCenter.org/subscribe/ or visit  www.JewishPolicyCenter.org/donate to start a print edition of inFOCUS Quarterly.