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JPC Board of Trustees Commends President Trump on Iran Policy


The Board of Trustees of The JEWISH POLICY CENTER commends President Donald Trump for his broad view of the threats the Islamic Republic of Iran poses to the United States and our allies including Israel. Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons capability is a grave danger – most specifically Iran’s refusal to allow International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections of military sites – and the terms of the JCPOA must be fully and strictly enforced. At the same time, we agree with the President’s assessment that, “The previous Administration’s myopic focus on Iran’s nuclear program to the exclusion of the regime’s many other malign activities allowed Iran’s influence in the region to reach a high-water mark.”

The United States needs a comprehensive approach to Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs; sponsorship of state terror through the IRGC, and jihadist terror in the Middle East and beyond; illegal imprisonment of American, British and other foreign nationals; aggression against the Syrian people directly and through proxies; cyber warfare; and threats to freedom of navigation in the Persian Gulf.

The JEWISH POLICY CENTER believes quick, concerted action on these issues between Congress and the President, coupled with coordination with America’s allies abroad, is necessary to reverse the tide of Iranian expansion.