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JPC Statement on the Appointment of Ambassador Bolton

Jewish Policy Center

This is an appropriate week to applaud the entry of Ambassador John Bolton into the Trump administration.

  • If he had only orchestrated repeal of the UN’s infamous “Zionism is Racism” resolution, dayeinu.
  • If he had only created the Proliferation Security Initiative to permit the boarding of ships carrying banned materials to and from North Korea, Iran, Yemen and other nasty places, dayeinu.
  • If he had only stood firmly against the JCPOA, dayeinu.

But in each case, and others, there is more at work and more to applaud.

Amb. Bolton comes to the problems of American security with an unabashedly pro-Western bias. Rather than positing the United States as a neutral party, willing and able to broker agreements among factions/countries, believing every difference of policy or opinion or military activity can be split among honorable men and women, Bolton’s career has been made by putting American and allied interests first. He is, in this, the ultimate honest broker.

The Jewish Policy Center is confident that the appointment of Ambassador Bolton will please and reassure America’s friends – and discomfit our adversaries. There is no higher praise we can offer.