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Video: Israel’s Aerial Dominance

Stephen Bryen

Israel conducted Blue Flag aerial exercises in October with over 80 aircraft participating, including from NATO countries and India. Observers from Japan, Romania, Finland, Australia, South Korea, Croatia and the chief of the UAE Air Force were there as well to watch simulations of enemy air defenses and learn to fly against them.

One of the highlights was unveiling the training version of Israel’s new Scorpius electronic warfare system, designed against manned and unmanned aircraft, missiles (including air defense missiles), drones and cruise missiles. The value of Scorpius to regional security and for NATO cannot be overstated, nor can Israel’s central role in defense of its friends and allies the world over.

Join former Pentagon official Dr. Stephen D. Bryen to learn more about Scorpius. He’s the weapons expert, you don’t have to be. Learn about Israel’s plans for the safety and security of its people – and its defense relationships.

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