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Video: Reestablishing U.S. Deterrence, with Simone Ledeen

Simone Ledeen

The Biden Administration’s timid approach toward Iran and its Houthi proxies has placed American servicemembers and crucial global trade routes at grave risk. An estimated 12 percent of international trade, amounting to over $1 trillion in goods annually normally navigates through the Red Sea and the Suez Canal. Since the Houthi attacks began, freight rates from East Asia to Europe have surged over 200 percent.

The Administration’s policy of appeasement of the Iranian regime has proven to be a dangerous fantasy, setting the post-Abraham Accords Middle East on fire. Urgent action is required to change course and re-establish deterrence.

Join us for a conversation with Simone Ledeen, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Middle East Policy, as she outlines the ever-increasing scope of the threat to international shipping and regional security, and concrete steps the US and its allies can take to reverse the trend.