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Iran Attacks Israel: JPC Statement and Analysis

The Israeli war cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, holds a meeting to discuss the drone attack launched by Iran in Tel Aviv on April 14, 2024. (Photo: Israeli Government Press Office)

The Jewish Policy Center stands, as ever, with the people of Israel in support of the legitimacy and security of the Jewish State.

We reiterate as well that the Iranian government is the fulcrum of hatred and destruction in the region. From Iran itself through the Red Sea and across Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and, increasingly Jordan and Judea and Samaria, Iran venerates, funds, and promotes violence against Israel and against Sunni Arab communities.

Details remain to be uncovered, and plans for the future laid out, but for now, there is actually some good news. The resilience of the Israeli people and the brilliance of Israel’s defense establishment and industries are awe inspiring. Missile Defense works. Not too long ago, President Ronald Reagan’s idea to “hit a bullet with a bullet” was mocked, but President Reagan and Israel get the last laugh. Israeli engineers, scientists, and military minds, supported by the civilian government, delivered a magnificent response to a malevolent attack.

Israel’s partners deserve praise. The United States was where it always should be – at Israel’s side. Although Sen. Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats have a job to finish. The UK and France, vocal opponents of the Israeli government in recent months, responded as allies. And best of all, Jordan and Saudi Arabia participated in Israel’s defense. There is hope for the region in their choices and the Iranians can take no comfort from that.

We are grateful at many levels.

The article below is an early look at who, what and how. We hope it helps to clarify the battle. With our thanks to Stephen Bryen of “Weapons and Strategy” on Substack.

Preliminary Results of Iran’s Attack on Israel: It was Largely a Failure

The response of Saudi Arabia and Jordan was a huge breakthrough: it is the first time Arab countries participated in defending Israel.

Here are the preliminary results from the Iranian attacks last night:

  • 170 Kamikaze Drones were fired. None entered Israeli territory. At least one appears to have landed in Iran.
  • 30 Cruise Missiles were fired; 25 were shot down outside of Israeli territory.
  • 103 out of 110 Ballistic Missiles were shot down; 7 Ballistic Missile impacts were recorded on Israeli territory

The ballistic missiles that got through hit the Israeli air base at Nevatim but did not do significant damage.  The base remains fully operational.

There are no other reports on damage yet, but a 10-year-old girl was seriously wounded in a strike in the south.

Israel used its F-35s, F15s and F16s aircraft to intercept drones, along with Iron Dome, David’s Sling, and Arrow I and II.

Israel was assisted by the US Air Force and Navy, and by Jordan and Saudi Arabia.  Jordan used its F-16s and air defenses.  There is no report yet from Saudi Arabia.

Israel hit a Hezbollah weapons manufacturing facility in southern Lebanon.  This was in response to a Hezbollah missile attack on an Israeli base in Israel’s north.

So far (7:00 AM) there is no word of any counterstrikeon Iran by Israel.  

Reports say that any such strike will be coordinated with the US.  For inexplicable reasons, President Joe Biden (who is backing Israel, but opposes Israeli retaliation) wants an emergency G-7 meeting, even though the G-7 is an economic, not a military organization.

I think it is fair to say that the Iranian attack was largely a failure and that Israel’s and allied air defenses performed very well.  The number of missiles fired at Israel exceeds anything we have seen so far in Ukraine where even large scale attacks rarely exceed twenty of thirty drones and missiles.

The Iranians did not knock out any of the air defenses protecting Israel.

The response of Saudi Arabia and Jordan was a huge breakthrough: it is the first time Arab countries participated in defending Israel.  This is a huge blow to Iran which is seeking to subvert both countries.

At the present time I do not know of any casualtiesother than the child in the south.  Israelis were ordered into bomb shelters, airports and other transit were closed down, etc.  Today Israel resumed commercial air traffic and – if you look – you will se Israelis out in the streets doing what they normally do.

There is still much more to learn.

Stephen Bryen is a former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense.