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A View from Israel

July 7, 2022

inFOCUS: There’s been an evolution in Israel’s position on Ukraine. It is unrivaled in the provision of humanitarian aid, but some say Israel should “do more,” meaning provide military aid. Tell us about the evolution. Ambassador Michael Oren: At the onset of the conflict, not being in government, I took my own government to task […]

“Without War We Would Not Have Peace”

April 3, 2017

inFOCUS: Deputy Minister Oren, thank you for speaking with us today. To begin at the time of the 1967 war, did Arab leaders have divergent interests or motivations at the start of the war? If so, how did that affect the outcome? Michael Oren: Yes, there were very different interests and goals. [Egyptian] President [Gamal […]

The Enduring Israeli-U.S. Partnership

February 28, 2013

iF: The relationship between Israel and Greece and Cyprus has been elevated tremendously over the past three or four years, generally because of a common interest in energy exploration and extraction. In what other ways have Israel and Greece strengthened their political and military relations? MO: Jews and Greeks share a 3,000-year history. Anywhere you […]