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Video: Can There be Justice for Navid Afkari?

September 14, 2021

September 12th marked the anniversary of the Iranian regime’s execution of champion wrestler Navid Afkari. Using false evidence and torture, they convicted him of murdering a security official and hanged him early one morning, with a green light from Ebrahim Raisi, now Iran’s president. They hoped his death would end the wave of support for […]

The Divided Self of John le Carré

July 7, 2021

The death of perhaps history’s greatest espionage writer John le Carré in December 2020 sparked a series of lively debates about the British novelist’s contradictory views toward Zionism, Jews and Israel. The Times of London columnist Melanie Phillips asked in her Jewish News Syndicate column after his death: “He remains a product of his time […]

Calling Out the UN Human Rights Council’s Anti-Israel Bias

July 16, 2019

The pro-Israel community is rarely shy about lambasting the profoundly invidious UN Human Rights Council, which year after year singles out the Jewish state among all the countries of the world for unparalleled criticism. While written condemnations of the Council’s bias, and quotes to the media, are par for the course (and highly important), a […]

Benjamin Weinthal