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Dr. Daniel Goure of the Lexington Institute

Dr. Goure is a Vice President with the Lexington Institute, a nonprofit public-policy research organization headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. He is involved in a wide range of issues as part of the institute’s national security program.

Dr. Goure has held senior positions in both the private sector and the U.S. Government. Most recently, he was a member of the 2001 Department of Defense Transition Team. Dr. Goure spent two years in the U.S. Government as the director of the Office of Strategic Competitiveness in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He also served as a senior analyst on national security and defense issues with the Center for Naval Analyses, Science Applications International Corporation, SRS Technologies, R&D Associates and System Planning Corporation.

Prior to joining the Lexington Institute, Dr. Goure was the Deputy Director, International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. At CSIS, Dr. Goure was responsible for analyses of: U.S. national security policy, the future of conflict and warfare, the information revolution, counter-proliferation, and defense industrial management. He directed analyses of emerging security issues with a special emphasis on U.S. military capabilities in the next century.


Articles By Daniel Goure

Why Japan Must Reconsider Its Aegis Deployments

October 2, 2020

The security environment in the Western Pacific is becoming more challenging for the U.S., its friends, and allies. China seeks to dominate the region and project power globally. North Korea is expanding its arsenal of ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads. To successfully deter Beijing and Pyongyang, and counter their ability to use military coercion, the […]

Video: inFOCUS Roundtable — Defense Modernization and Challenges Ahead

March 8, 2016

Dr. Daniel Goure of the Lexington Institute, Dr. Dakota L. Wood of the Heritage Foundation and Paul Joyal of National Strategies discussed the requirements of a sound American defense policy at a program sponsored by the JPC. On the subject of American leadership, Dr. Goure pointed to the current international system of trade and security […]

Missing U.S. Leadership & A Fraying International Order

December 31, 2015

It is a mistake to argue as many do that our current state of international insecurity is solely a function of poor strategic leadership by the Obama Administration. Despite the hopes of most world leaders and the predictions of many well-respected academics at the time, it turned out that the international environment that emerged at […]

Daniel Goure