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Video: Saudi Arabia in a Period of Change with David Schenker

December 14, 2022

The Saudi Arabia of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) is not the Saudi Arabia of his father. The relationship with the United States has changed, as have the roles of the religious establishment and women in society, and relations between the Kingdom and Russia, China and the State of Israel. Join us for a conversation with […]

Webinar: The Persian Gulf and Red Sea – The Wars to Israel’s South

February 24, 2022

Iran is funding and arming Houthi terrorists fighting the internationally-recognized Government of Yemen and attacking The UAE and Saudi Arabia with missiles and drones. Israel’s burgeoning relations with the Gulf States under the Abraham Accords and participation in US-led military exercises in the Red Sea as a member of US CENTCOM puts Israel right on […]

Video: Update on the Middle East

April 8, 2021

American attention in the Middle East has been largely focused on Iran, the Persian Gulf States – to include the Abraham Accords with Israel – and the Iranian-backed Houthi war against Saudi Arabia. There is more to the region. Events in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority also have a direct impact on […]