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Social Unrest in Putin’s Russia

September 27, 2017

Looking at events in Russia’s domestic and foreign affairs that have recently created spasms at home and friction with the West, and slowed the development of a new Russian polity, the question arises, “Why, amid it all, does Vladimir Putin enjoy such strong political and popular support, and why has broad social unrest been minimal?” […]

Putin’s Russia or Russia’s Putin

March 4, 2014

Editor’s Note: The crisis in Ukraine requires an understanding of the Russian State and its political, historic and military drivers. Ilya Levkov, President of Liberty Publishing, wrote in the JPC’s inFOCUS Quarterly (Winter 2014): “In the short span between the fall of the Soviet era and Putin’s rise, Russia endured decolonization, de-Sovietization, de-collectivism and the […]

Putin’s Russia or Russia’s Putin

December 31, 2013

Students of Russian history can be divided into two groups: believers and skeptics. The first accepts the Russian poet-diplomat Fyodor Tyutchev’s (1803-1873) assessment of Russia’s character, concisely explained in four lines that are proudly learned by all Russian pupils and remain deeply engraved in the minds of millions: One can’t grasp Russia by the mindOr […]