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Former Obama Administration Official: Missiles Must Be Included in Talks

June 2, 2014

Analysis from U.S. and Israel-based experts emerged last week casting doubt on the robustness of existing and planned Iranian nuclear concessions, with observers evaluating the matter both in the context of negotiations and as it is likely to affect the calculations of Iran’s neighbors. Dr. Emily B. Landau, the head of the Arms Control and […]

House Committee Adds Language to Bill that would Deepen U.S.-Israel Missile Defense Ties

May 27, 2014

Language attached to the $600 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) by a House Armed Services Committee (HASC) report may deepen American-Israeli cooperation in developing and producing missile defense technology – with the provision aiming to ensure “coproduction of parts and components [for the Iron Dome system]… in a manner that will maximize US industry […]