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NATO After Ukraine: Military Modernization in Europe

May 31, 2014

NATO faces a challenge to modernize and sustain its nuclear posture and missile defense deployments in Europe at a time of declining defense budgets on the one hand and expanded threats on the other. The threats from Russia, the Middle East, and North Africa are serious and growing from both ballistic missile arsenals and nuclear […]

The Fallacy of Pursuing Nuclear Global Zero

August 31, 2012

Refurbished Minuteman missile engines, foreground, await shipment along with Peacekeeper missile motors. The United States faces a stark choice in the business of maintaining the nuclear peace: It could travel down a road to smaller, less robust nuclear forces, hoping its example compels rogue states to relinquish their quest for nuclear weaponry; or it could […]

The Iranian Terror War Against the U.S.

May 31, 2012

According to the National Journal, a U.S. State Department source says the terror war against the United States is over. Americans can rest easy, it reassures, with the death of “so many members of Al Qaeda”. No more attacks will be forthcoming. Ever since former Secretary of State Alexander Haig testified before the U.S. Senate […]

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