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Diplomacy’s Aversion to Power: Consequences of Retreat

January 4, 2017

America’s retrenchment in foreign policy has been driven not only by ideological considerations but also by public disillusionment with the results of long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and by complex policy dilemmas, the perceived intractability of regional problems, and economic and budgetary constraints. And “realists” from both the academic and policy worlds have applauded […]

Against the Idea of American Decline

May 31, 2013

The concept of American decline at home and abroad is pervasive. Type the words “Decline of America” into Google and it produces 223 million “hits.” What began as speculation has become a chorus of voices and is now a widespread din. Authors, pundits, classical historians, international economists, European allies, Chinese generals, and the wider blogosphere […]