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Upcoming Webinar: The Constitutional Roots of a Divided America

February 3, 2022

“Gridlock… isn’t a bug in our system of government. It’s a feature. It’s built into the Constitution, and for good reason… The generation that wrote and ratified our basic law had just fought a long war to overthrow an oppressive government. They weren’t about to saddle themselves with one of their own making.”  — Roger Pilon, […]

Gridlock: From Liberty’s Shield to Sword for the Status Quo

January 6, 2020

On the list of complaints Americans have today about their federal government, gridlock sits near the top. Despite the campaign promises, election after election, little in Washington seems to get done. Immigration, entitlements, the federal debt and more – all cry out for attention. Is there a better, more basic example than Congress’s failure, year […]

The United States as a Post-Constitutional Republic

October 9, 2018

Some years ago I was testifying before one of Congress’s seemingly countless subcommittees—if you can’t remember a congressman’s name, it’s usually safe to say “Mr. Chairman”—when one of the members got up to go to another hearing just as I was starting my remarks with, “Most of what Congress does today is unconstitutional.” The good […]

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