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Sacha Warnod served as an intern during Summer 2020. He expects to graduate from Boston University in May 2021 with a Bachelors of Art in International relations as well as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. During his time at Boston University, Sacha is focusing on foreign security, policy, and defense for Eastern Europe, as well as finance and global management.

Sacha served as a board member of Tamid at BU, a consulting and financial club that focuses on helping Israeli startups since 2018. Through the club, Sacha worked in Israel during the summer of 2019. After graduation, he hopes to continue working for a think tank focused on the Middle East.

Sacha was born and raised in Paris for the first fourteen years of his life before moving to the U.S. His diverse background gives him a unique perspective on international affairs.

Articles By Sacha Warnod

Iran Releases U.S. Navy Veteran

June 5, 2020

Iran released U.S. Navy veteran Michael White on Thursday, after almost two years in prison. Just days earlier, the United States had extradited Sirous Asgari, an Iranian scientist who was acquitted in November of industrial espionage. At least three U.S. citizens remain in Iranian custody despite this being the second American freed in the last […]

Russia Sends Air Power to Back Libyan Rebels

May 29, 2020

Russia delivered fourth generation fighter jets to Libya in order to back its state-sponsored private military contractors (PMC), according to a Tuesday statement from the U.S. Africa Command. Moscow’s deployment of warplanes comes amid a stagnation in the conflict between the Russian-backed rebels of the Libyan National Army (LNA) and the Government of National Accord […]

Iraq’s Parliament Agrees on New Prime Minister

May 14, 2020

The Iraqi Parliament swore in Mustafa Al-Kadhimi as the new prime minister May 7, also approving three-quarters of his cabinet. Iraqi politicians hope the leadership change will bring stability to the government in Baghdad and end months of riots and political unrest.  Al-Kadhimi is well known to politicians abroad, acting as director of Iraq’s National […]

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