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The Case for American Internationalism

September 28, 2016

Since the end of World War II, the United States has worked with its allies to nurture and maintain an international environment that has expanded security, prosperity, and human rights throughout the globe. As new challenges to this system emerge, however, many across America have wondered whether the benefits of international leadership outweigh the costs. […]

The Importance of America’s Strategic Deterrent

December 31, 2013

inFocus: Thank you very much, Senator Kyl, for agreeing to talk with the readers of inFOCUS. How would you characterize U.S.-Russian relations since the collapse of communism? In what ways have the Russians been responsible international players and in what ways are they “stirring the pot?” Sen. Kyl: It is interesting that right after the […]

Congressional Roundtable: Sen. Jon Kyl and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

August 31, 2007

iF: What is the most pressing challenge for U.S. policy makers as a result of the Hamas takeover? JK: U.S. policy makers are in the position of having to oppose a dangerous terrorist organization by working with and, indeed, supporting, the Fatah organization, which has a past severely tainted by corruption as well as a […]