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Testing U.S.-Israel Alliance: Chinese and Haifa’s Port

October 10, 2019

The presence of Chinese state-owned companies at two of Israel’s three key seaports—Haifa and Ashdod on the Mediterranean coast, but not Eilat on the Red Sea route to Asia—has been acting as a thorn in U.S.-Israeli relations. According to China’s Ministry of Transport early this year, a total of 52 ports in 34 countries were […]

The IDF’s Priority: War Readiness

January 22, 2018

Israel is enjoying a period of relative calm, but in five to ten years, its strategic environment will likely be significantly more complex and challenging than it is today. For that reason, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has, under the Gideon multi-year working plan, placed combat training and war readiness at the top of its […]