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Video: The War Between the Wars – The Threat on Israel’s Northern Border

February 24, 2021

While Lebanon faces enormous economic and political challenges, and Syria remains mired in the aftermath of its civil war, Iran continues to support its terrorist proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon and establish military installations and factories in Syria – intensifying the threat to Israel’s north. Brig. Gen. (ret) Yossi Kuperwasser discusses both the threats and Israel’s […]

Video: Peace for Peace – Israel, the UAE, and the Arab World

September 10, 2020

Israel’s “Abraham Accord” peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates, signed on August 13, is “a game-changer” the Jewish state was “waiting [on] for so long.” It alters relations among Middle Eastern countries and movements in several positive ways, according to Brig. Gen. Yossi Kuperwasser, Israel Defense Forces (Ret.). Speaking on the Jewish Policy Center […]

COVID-19 Has Not Eased Threats to Israel

July 9, 2020

Despite the potential for change that the novel coronavirus pandemic creates, it seems that most players in the Middle East view it as just an imposed break. Their official reports assert only limited damage so far, regardless of the continuing spread of the disease. Pandemic or no, they keep promoting their interests.  Tensions between rival […]

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