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Palestinian Rocket Report

Michael Sharnoff

Israel withdrew its army from Gaza in 2005. Palestinian terrorist groups responded by firing some 6,000 rockets and mortars into Israeli towns and cities. As we have carefully documented at Palestinian Rocket Report the rocket problem will not easily be solved.

PRR contributor Robert Ivker correctly identified that Israel cannot rely on the United Nations for help. The UN has a record of condemning Israel but excluding criticism for Palestinian terrorism. Ivker also rightly surmised that Israel cannot rely solely on a missile defense shield to protect its citizens. This would only provide a short term solution to a long term threat.

Jonathan Schanzer predicted that the June 19 ceasefire between Israel and Hamas would only provide Israelis temporary relief from rocket attacks. Sadly, Israel must now deal with this reality. Since ending the ceasefire last week, Hamas has launched more than 60 rockets and mortars at Israel. Israel’s leadership has declared publicly that they have launched a counteroffensive to defend its citizens.