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Letter From the Publisher: A Climate for Debate

Matthew Brooks Fall 2009

The wrangling over environmental legislation in Washington continues. Waxman-Markey, better known as Cap-and-Trade, raises serious questions about the global warming debate, the hysterical warnings of a “global meltdown,” and the billions of dollars we are throwing at the problem with very little idea of what to expect in return.

This issue of inFOCUS features a series of thought-provoking articles by climate change activists and skeptics alike. On one end of the spectrum, we cover issues ranging from the questionable science of global warming to the benefits of nuclear power. On the other, we explore the “green roots” of the conservative movement and the benefits of buying “green” stocks.

As always, we think you will find our lineup of authors to be impressive. We’re pleased to run original work by Steven Hayward of the American Enterprise Institute; Fred Singer, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia; and Jeff Kueter, president of the George C. Marshall Institute.

Also, don’t miss the interview with Jim Woolsey, the former Director of Central Intelligence who advocates strongly for America to break its oil addiction.

Readers have expressed an interest recently in seeing the JPC branch out to cover new topics. With this issue on the environment, we have done just that. Please let us know what you think. And as always, please consider making your donation to the JPC today at jewishpolicycenter.org/contribute.php.


Matthew Brooks
Executive Director