The Environment (Fall 2009)

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    Ronald Reagan and the Environment

    Steven F. Hayward Fall 2009
    There is an "absolute necessity of waging all-out war against the debauching of the environment… The bulldozer mentality of the past is a luxury...

    The Growing Need for Nuclear Energy

    Drew Thornley Fall 2009
    The energy debates continue to rage inside the beltway. Experts regularly weigh in with conflicting reports on the benefits and pitfalls of oil, coal,...

    Public Transit Is Off-Track

    Randal O'Toole Fall 2009
    America faces many environmental challenges, ranging from energy shortages, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions to disappearing wildlife habitat. While these problems may be real,...

    The Dismal Economics of Climate Regulation

    Jeff Kueter Fall 2009
    The U.S. Congress is now moving towards the creation of a cap-and-trade system. Proponents see the system, which has been strongly endorsed by President...

    The Pitfalls of Global Environmental Regimes

    Howard Gumnitzky Fall 2009
    Concerns over climate change have spurred calls for a coordinated international effort to regulate global emissions. Those who warn of global warming envision a...

    Carbon Emissions in the Middle East

    Richard Baehr Fall 2009
    While global warming alarmists claim that carbon emissions are the primary factor behind global warming (and hold the U.S. responsible, as the leader of...

    The Investment Opportunity of the 21st Century

    Jeff Siegel Fall 2009
    Several years ago, I was invited to speak at a panel discussion on energy investing. The audience was comprised mostly of seasoned investors with...

    Harnessing the Energy of Trash

    Alyssa A. Lappen Fall 2009
    Among the greatest ironies of President Barack Obama's environmental policies is his federal budget proposal to "cap-and-trade" greenhouse gas emissions. The plan would roughly...

    Conservatism’s Green Roots

    David Jenkins Fall 2009
    This year's debate over climate change legislation has provided a vivid illustration of how today's conservative political and media leaders approach environmental issues. The...

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