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Letter from the Publisher: A Year of Arab Upheaval

Matthew Brooks Winter 2011

The seismic upheaval that has shaken the Middle East in the past year has changed the political shape of the region. How should the United States deal with a post-Mubarak Egypt run by Islamist parties and what challenges does it present Israel? How will the deck of the inter-Arab system be further shuffled and what are the broader implications for American foreign policy?

The Jewish Policy Center is pleased to offer this winter edition of inFOCUS Quarterly. This new issue features a series of articles discussing the effects of the year of upheaval in the Middle East. Caroline Glick, the senior contributing editor of The Jerusalem Post, explains how Egypt’s change of regime is Israel’s loss and Iran’s gain, while Samuel Tadros of the Hudson Institute describes what caused the Mubarak regime to fall. Asher Susser, senior fellow at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle East Studies, looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in light of the regional protests. And JPC’s director of policy, Matthew RJ Brodsky, explores America’s options in Syria, where the year of uprising has already claimed over 7,000 lives.

Be sure to read our one-on-one interview with Yoram Hessel, former Chief of Global Operations, Intelligence and Foreign Relations Division of the Mossad, Israel’s Secret Intelligence Service. He provides an Israeli perspective on the dangers the regional turmoil poses to the Jewish State.

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Matthew Brooks
Executive Director