A Year of Arab Upheaval (Winter 2011)

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    Turkey’s Future Role in the ‘Arab Spring’

    Soner Cagaptay Winter 2011
    As Egyptians and Tunisians vote to replace ousted despots and the Syrian government teeters on the brink, Turkey's role in the "Arab Spring" is...

    The View from Israel

    Yoram Hessel Winter 2011
    iF: Many names have been imposed on the events currently taking place in the Middle East: "Arab Spring," "Arab Awakening," "Arab Uprisings," to name...

    How Washington Can Help Syria

    Matthew RJ Brodsky Winter 2011
    With the Syrian uprising closing in on its one-year anniversary, more than 7,000 people have been killed as the tyrannical Bashar al-Asad regime uses...

    Jordan’s Trials: Is Spring or Autumn in the Air?

    Asher Susser Winter 2011
    Jordan's history has been marked by numerous serious political crises. Observers in the past were often too hasty to predict the imminent downfall of...

    The Palestinian ‘Spring’ and Prospects for Peace

    Asaf Romirowsky Winter 2011
    It has been one year since the "Arab Spring" spread like wildfire throughout the Arab Muslim World under the banner of change and supposed...

    Saudi Arabia: Status Quo Amidst Unrest

    Anna Viden Winter 2011
    Maintaining the status quo both internally and externally has been Saudi Arabia's prime concern since its inception. The "Arab Spring" came, therefore, as a...

    Yemen: A Failed State After All

    Erez Striem and Yoel Guzansky Winter 2011
    The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)-brokered deal signed in late November that established the transfer of authority from then Yemen's president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, brought...

    Qatar: Security Amid Instability

    Brandon Friedman Winter 2011
    You can't be all things to all people," the saying goes. Yet the ruling Al Thani family of Qatar has been actively trying to...

    Rock the Casbah

    Samara Greenberg Winter 2011
    Walk With Caution, Washington Mobs of people hit the streets of the Middle East and remained there through the last day of 2011—the year that...

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