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Alliance Tracker: November 8, 2016

A German-made Dolphin submarine operated by the Israeli Navy. (Photo: Israeli Navy)


Israel plans to purchase three new submarines from Germany, according to an announcement from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu late last month. The new vessels, at a cost of $1.3 billion, will replace aging subs and help guarantee Israel’s second strike capability.

In an effort to integrate the new F-35I into the Israeli Air Force, aircraft technicians from Nevatim air base plan to travel to the Lockheed Martin assembly plant in Fort Worth, Texas.  

Israel’s national police received six new U.S.-made helicopters this month, with Elbit providing electronics and other upgrades to the aircraft. The helicopters will replace aging Bell 206 models currently used by the force.

After the U.S. agreed to transfer eight Sikorsky SH-60F Seahawk helicopters to Israel last year, the Israeli military will soon decided a new sensor suite for the rotary-winged aircraft.

Israeli Military Technology

Elbit showcased a Skylens wearable headset an industry conference in Florida. Made for enhancing a pilot’s view in rain, snow, fog and other visually restrictive situations, the system has been targeted for North American markets.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is preparing to deliver components for Boeing’s new 777X beginning in 2017. The firm will export engine assemblies and leading wing edges as part of a strategic agreement signed earlier this year. IAI already provides parts for Boeing’s current 777 and 787 aircraft.

Foreign Military Sales

Elbit equipped French President Francois Hollande’s plane with an anti-missile system, according to a French aviation blog. C-Music, installed on the Airbus A330, uses infrared countermeasures to neutralize incoming heat seeking surface-to-air missiles.

Germany started using the IAI Heron 1 as part of its peacekeeping mission in Mali earlier this month. Earlier this year, Germany signed a deal to lease three of the Israeli-made drones for $100 million.

IAI announced that it won a $15 million contract to provide cyber intelligence systems to an undisclosed Asian nation. The company will set up an intelligence center, infrastructure, and cellular system for the customer.

Maryland awarded Elbit a contract to create a cyber training and simulation platform for an undisclosed price. The system will help prepare government workers and business IT departments for attacks on infrastructure using realistic training scenarios.

Regional Developments

Turkey’s top military officials agreed to buy a second batch of of F-35 fighter jets to compliment the country own indigenous fifth generation fighter jet, known as TFX. Turkey plans to start receiving F-35s in 2018.