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Video: Iran Policy at a Crossroads

Ilan Berman

For a country that causes the U.S. a lot of grief, Iran, and U.S. policy towards Iran, has gotten ridiculously little press coverage in recent months. Ilan Berman, author, analyst, and Vice President of the American Security Council, illuminates the situation in a content-packed half-hour discussion, above. Highlights include the fact that the Trump Administration policy of “Maximum Pressure,” is working. Iran’s oil revenues are down, 90% in four years. Last year they sank from $30 billion to a mere $8 billion, a pittance considering that they constitute the entirety of national income. Foreign investment is down 25%, and Iran’s currency has cratered.

The Iranian Regime knows it’s in trouble. Employing former Secretary of State John Kerry’s “Strategic Patience,” to wait out the Trump Administration, isn’t helping. So the Mullahs have turned to China. They appear to be desperate enough to leverage actual sovereignty for hard cash and potential investment. China plays for keeps.

Meanwhile, militant Islamist groups the regime formerly subsidized are holding telethons for bucks. And an enormous regional shift toward diplomatic normalization between Arab nations and Israel, plus Sudan, is moving forward.

What would make the regime fall? And what comes after that? — For answers to those and other critical questions, please watch.