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Russian Influence in the Middle East with Ilan Berman (Conference Call Audio)

April 5, 2017
Ilan Berman Ilan Berman, vice president of the American Foreign Policy Council and authority on Russian foreign and security affairs, will address Russia's aims in Syria and relations with Iran, as well as the Russian response to American policy in the Middle East. Berman is the author of Implosion: The End of Russia and What [...]

Strategic Priorities for the Next President

December 31, 2015

The next American president will inherit a world on fire. Whoever ends up winning the presidential election in the Fall of 2016 will enter the Oval Office facing a range of pressing—and difficult—global problems. How he or she will address them will determine America’s place in the world for much of the decade to come. […]

A Post-America South America

May 31, 2014

Last fall, in a speech before the Organization of American States, Secretary of State John Kerry announced with great fanfare that the “era of the Monroe Doctrine is over.” Kerry’s pronouncement was a distinctly political one, intended to reassure regional powers that the heavy-handed interventionism that at times had characterized America’s approach to Latin America […]

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