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Video: Iran Policy at a Crossroads

October 28, 2020

For a country that causes the U.S. a lot of grief, Iran, and U.S. policy towards Iran, has gotten ridiculously little press coverage in recent months. Ilan Berman, author, analyst, and Vice President of the American Security Council, illuminates the situation in a content-packed half-hour discussion, above. Highlights include the fact that the Trump Administration […]

The Coronavirus’ ‘Dire’ Effects on Iran (Audio)

April 17, 2020

“The situation in Iran is dire” as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. But in the short run Iran’s health crisis may strengthen the ruling ayatollahs’ grip on power, said Ilan Berman, senior vice president of the American Foreign Policy Council. In the long run, the effects of the illness could stimulate a shift in […]

Ilan Berman


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