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Video: U.S. Naval Strategy for China and the Pacific

April 29, 2021

Beijing makes no secret of its intention to bring democratic Taiwan under mainland rule and establish itself as the supreme power in the Pacific. From building and arming islands along the western Pacific coast, to aggressively intruding on the territorial waters of a number of American allies, China has expanded its power and influence. China’s […]

Strategic Challenges: Near East Gateways to Europe

January 11, 2019

Policy analysts and planners draw a line between Europe and the Middle East. Security dynamics, strategic planning, political arrangements – they neatly fall into regional boxes. The reality is more complex. The Middle East, and its adjacent bodies of water – the Levantine Basin, Red Sea, and Arabian Gulf – is at the southern end […]

Threats & Opportunities in the Levant and the Middle East

January 4, 2017

After decades of leading the democratic world in the Cold War and more than a decade of multiple wars since 9/11, many Americans would like relief from world affairs. They would prefer to have nothing to do with foreign wars, with lands that breed jihadists or stagnate in corruption, or have populations that reject modernity […]

Seth Cropsey


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