Government and Government Overreach (Fall 2013)

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    Top Secret America

    Skyler Schmanski Fall 2013
    Fear of Terrorism Versus the Loss of Freedom Exploding expenditures. Indefinite expansion of the Department of Defense. An unprecedented fear of an enemy that could...

    Law and Ideology

    Michael Mukasey Fall 2013
    Editor's Note: The following is adapted from a speech delivered by former Attorney General Michael Mukasey in Washington. It is included in this issue...

    10th Amendment Solutions

    Rob Bishop Fall 2013
    How a government deals with property is the window to the soul of that government. Property may be a tangible item and liberty may...

    “Great Change Never Starts With Government”

    Speaker Newt Gingrich Fall 2013
    iF: In his book, The End is Near and its Going to be Awesome, Kevin Williamson postulates that the difference between industry and government...

    The Right Health Reform: Putting Patients First

    Grace-Marie Turner Fall 2013
    There is no question that there were—and are—serious problems in our health sector that need reform. But after a year-long battle to enact the...

    Social Security Reform: Defusing the Ticking Bomb

    Michael Tanner Fall 2013
    Social Security is the single largest program of the federal government, accounting for more than 20 percent of all federal spending in 2012. Indeed,...

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