America's Global Withdrawal (Summer 2014)

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    “There’s No Substitute or Match for America.”

      inFOCUS: In describing your visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp, you spoke about how the "place is one of pure evil." President Bush also...

    Asia and 1914

    Dan Blumenthal Summer 2014
    One hundred years after the beginning of World War I, many Asians fear history is repeating itself. The source of concern is China's growing...

    A Post-America South America

    Ilan Berman Summer 2014
    Last fall, in a speech before the Organization of American States, Secretary of State John Kerry announced with great fanfare that the "era of...

    NATO After Ukraine: Military Modernization in Europe

    Peter Huessy Summer 2014
    NATO faces a challenge to modernize and sustain its nuclear posture and missile defense deployments in Europe at a time of declining defense budgets...

    The Impossible State

    Shoshana Bryen Summer 2014
    What America Never Sees Perhaps with the withdrawal of American focus from the Middle East, Southwest Asia, and South America, what remains is for the...

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