Europe: Whole and Free? (Fall 2014)

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    Stimulus or Austerity? The European Debt Crisis

    Salim Furth Fall 2014
    There is a well-known narrative that compares Europe's recent economic history to that of the United States. The story goes that Europe enacted too...

    NATO: Meeting Challenges in a Complex Environment

    Congressman Ed Royce Fall 2014
    inFOCUS: The crisis in Ukraine is the second Russian foray into independent countries that are former Russian territories, the 2008 Georgian war being the...

    Non-Islamic anti-Semitism in Europe

    Benjamin Weinthal Fall 2014
    BERLIN — The wave of modern anti-Semitism across Europe in July and August revealed a dangerous amalgamation of left-wing, Islamic-animated, and right-wing extremist Jew-hatred. Mainstream...

    The Italian Exception: Defeating the Anti-Semites

    Michael Ledeen Fall 2014
    The headlines from Europe are all grim. Synagogues assaulted in France, Jews murdered at the Jewish Museum in Brussels and savagely beaten in the...

    Wake-Up Europe: Radical Islam is Coming for You

    Mitchell Bard Fall 2014
    According to Professor Assaf Moghadam of the International Institute for Counterterrorism, radical Muslims have a three-pronged enemies list of Jews, "apostate" Muslims, and the...

    European Energy Security: An American Responsibility?

    Gal Luft Fall 2014
    When the Ukraine crisis broke out threatening to compromise Europe's energy supply from Russia, many American politicians and pundits called for the United States...

    The Rebellion of Ronald Reagan

    Shoshana Bryen Fall 2014
    Ending the Cold War Without A Bang Who won the Cold War? It's not a question that arises about World War II, the Napoleonic Wars...

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