The Threat From Iran (Summer 2012)

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Letter from the Publisher: The Threat From Iran

Matthew Brooks Summer 2012
President Obama spent more than three years engaging with Iran in order to bring an end to the regime's pursuit of a nuclear weapons...

The Iranian Terror War Against the U.S.

Peter Huessy Summer 2012
According to the National Journal, a U.S. State Department source says the terror war against the United States is over. Americans can rest easy,...

Sunnis and Shi’a: Fitna From the Start

Clare M. Lopez Summer 2012
Even with the intense international focus on Iran, its nuclear weapons program, support for jihad and Sharia, and horrific human rights abuses, there is...

Iran’s Sakharovs

Nina Shea Summer 2012
Among today's most underreported stories is the persecution and pressure faced by reformist and heterdox Muslims within the Muslim World. The common post-9/11 refrain—"Where...

Reaching Iran: Problems with U.S. Media Messaging

Helle Dale Summer 2012
The stakes of U.S. international broadcasting to Iran are high. For one thing, Iran is the leading sponsor of global terrorism, an aspiring nuclear...

Sanctions Relief for a Nuclear-Free Iran?

Mark Dubowitz Summer 2012
As the P5+1—the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany—travel from country to country, holding talks with Iran on its nuclear...

The Pasdaran

Samara Greenberg Summer 2012
Wanted: Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards As the U.S. and its Western allies ramped-up sanctions against Iran in recent years, one group in particular was targeted:...

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