Advice to the Next President (Fall 2008)

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    How To Handle Syria

    Tony Badran Fall 2008
    Former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski took a hard line on Russia's recent military incursion into Georgia, advising: "Not only the West, but the...

    The Pakistan Puzzle

    Daveed Gartenstein-Ross Fall 2008
    Upon taking office in January 2009, the next American president will face a bleak situation in Pakistan. After losing their Afghanistan sanctuary, most of...

    Making Egyptian Aid Conditional

    Daniel Mandel Fall 2008
    Dear Mr. President, The United States has an important relationship with a foreign country that permits its territory to be used for the purpose of...

    Advice From a Former White House Spokesman

    Ari Fleischer Fall 2008
    iF: What will be the top item on the next president's "to-do list" upon taking office early next year? AF: The most important challenge for...

    Is Water A Key To Middle East Peace?

    Shlomi Dinar Fall 2008
    In any discussions about the future of the Middle East, oil often tops the agenda. Yet, another critical resource, with perhaps greater regional consequences...

    How To Destroy OPEC

    Robert Zubrin Fall 2008
    "To wage war, three things are necessary: money, money, and yet more money." – Gian-Jacopo TrivulzioMarshal of France, 1499 A lot has changed since 1499, but...

    Free Speech: Only for Islamists?

    Mark Dubowitz Fall 2008
    Our next president assumes leadership in a world where critics of Islamism now face a dangerous legal offensive. At the United Nations, Muslim nations...

    An Opportunity to Improve Higher Education

    Alex Joffe Fall 2008
    The next president will have a slate of issues to address, from Iraq and Iran, ties with Europe, and the economy. Education policy, and...

    Advice to the Next President About the Middle East

    Kenneth W. Stein Fall 2008
    Ever since President Harry S. Truman addressed a joint session of Congress on March 12, 1947, asking for $400 million in economic and military...

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