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    The Theory and Practice of Hasbara

    Eric Rozenman
    "Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again." —Andre Gide Does pro-Israel hasbara...

    The Palestinians and the “Diplomatic Intifada”

    Grant Rumley
    The Palestinian leadership is frustrated. Sidelined in Israel by an increasingly bitter election season that wants to discuss anything but the peace process and...

    Simple, Complete, and Unconditional

    Senator Tom Cotton Spring 2015
    inFocus: Why does the United States need to remain involved abroad, exercising our political clout and military power, to ensure a more secure world?...

    Powering the Land of Milk & Honey: Israel & Energy

    Norman A. Bailey
    For many decades a joke has made the rounds in the Jewish world: "Hashem gave the land of milk and honey to the descendants...

    Politics and Growing Sino-Israel Trade

    Meron Medzini
    A version of this article appeared in Economic Political Studies, Renmin University, Beijing, January 2015. In May 2014, China's Vice Premier Liu Yandong visited Israel,...

    Israel’s External Economic and Trade Policy

    Dan Catarivas
    Israel's external economic ties are fundamental to the health of the State. The Israeli economy is largely dependent on international trade, and import and...

    The Future of Israel’s Strategic Relations with Europe

    Tommy Steiner
    Any stocktaking of Israel's relations with Europe writ large, including the European Union (EU), will show that the relationship rests on a solid foundations...

    “Start Up Nation” Leads International Aid Agency

    Shachar Zahavi and Yael Eshel
    Editor's Note: U.S. aid to Israel comes largely in the form of security assistance—funds to help Israel purchase military hardware and technology to help...

    Making David into Goliath

    Shoshana Bryen
    "Sticks and Stones" Friends and supporters are pleased when pro-Israel information appears in the press or social media. They spread it around and hope it...

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