Nuclear Proliferation (Winter 2009)

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    A Nuclear Bomb in Every Tent

    Kyle Shideler and Sarah Stern Winter 2009
    The specter of an Iranian nuclear bomb is unacceptable to the majority of Americans. According to an October Pew Research poll, 61 percent of...

    Missile Defense in the Age of Nuclear Proliferation

    Peter Huessy Winter 2009
    More than a quarter-century after President Ronald Reagan's historic Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) speech in 1983, opposition to missile defense deployments remains surprisingly strong....

    The Nuclearization of Latin America?

    Luis Fleischman Winter 2009
    Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez has an iron grip on his country, and has attempted aggressively to expand his reach into neighboring Latin American nations....

    Learning Lessons From North Korea’s Nuclear Program

    David Ibsen Winter 2009
    For at least the last 15 years, North Korea has acted in a manner that threatens regional stability and international security. North Korea systematically...

    Pakistan and Nuclear Proliferation

    Simon Henderson Winter 2009
    In recent years, governments, pundits, and Pakistan analysts have led the public to believe that Pakistan, through the activities of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan...

    Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge

    Asaf Romirowsky Winter 2009
    When the modern State of Israel was founded 61 years ago, David Ben Gurion, its first prime minister, correctly noted that the country could...

    Would Iran Provide A Nuclear Weapon to Terrorists?

    Joel Himelfarb and Steven Emerson Winter 2009
    The United States seeks to negotiate an end to Iran's bid for nuclear weapons. U.S. and European officials have laid out scenarios whereby Iran...

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