Obama's First Year (Spring 2010)

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    Missed Opportunities to Pressure Iran

    Laura Grossman Spring 2010
    President Barack Obama stepped into the Oval Office on January 20, 2009, with new strategies to confront Iran's illicit nuclear activity. His bold offer...

    Waiting for Reform: Arab Citizens and Obama

    Hayri Abaza Spring 2010
    After one year in office, the Barack Obama administration has started to delineate more clearly its policies towards the Arab world. The George W....

    America’s Domestic Security Nightmare

    Alyssa A. Lappen Spring 2010
    On January 7, 2010, in the wake of the Fort Hood massacre and the attempted Christmas Day passenger jet bombing, President Barack Obama appeared...

    The Obama Effect in the Muslim World

    Richard Baehr Spring 2010
    In his Inaugural Address, President Obama signaled his intent to engage with the Muslim world and articulated that America's relationships abroad would be based...

    Obama’s Journey to Nowhere in the Middle East

    Jonathan S. Tobin Spring 2010
    While much in the world has changed in the year since Barack Obama took office as president of the United States, some things remain...

    American-European Relations

    Anya Hosain and Barak M. Seener Spring 2010
    During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama positioned himself as a strong proponent of diplomatic engagement. He pledged to work with Europe to solve international...

    How to Lose Friends and Influence Nobody

    Mustafa Abul Mahasen Spring 2010
    Iran is expanding its influence in the Middle East at the expense of the United States. The reasons for America's decline are obvious: While...

    Obama’s First Year

    Matthew Brooks Spring 2010
    President Barack Obama campaigned on a promise to reset America's relations with nations the world over. With engagement as the chosen method and diplomacy...

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