The Iran Challenge (Summer 2007)

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    The Complex Calculus of Preventive Military Action

    Michael Eisenstadt Summer 2007
    In recent months, the media has reported that Washington is preparing to undertake preventive military action against Iran to thwart its nuclear ambitions. U.S....

    Nuclear Power and Anti-Semitism

    Raphael Israeli Summer 2007
    The looming nuclearization of Iran is often analyzed ad hominem, focusing on the personality of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's president, who is often compared to...

    Congressional Roundtable on Iran

    iF: How did you first become interested in U.S. efforts to respond to the threat of Iran? NC: As the Ranking Member of the Senate...

    Why the Threat of War Doesn’t Scare Iran

    Jonathan Schanzer Summer 2007
    In February, British press reported, "U.S. preparations for an air strike against Iran are at an advanced stage." In March, journalist Seymour Hirsh claimed...

    Letter from the Publisher: The Challenge of Iran

    Matthew Brooks Summer 2007
    Welcome to the first edition of inFocus, the Jewish Policy Center's quarterly publication. Each issue of inFocus features eight or more thought-provoking articles that...

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