A Palestinian State? (Fall 2011)

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    Palestinian Statehood and Middle East Unrest

    Amos Yadlin Fall 2011
    iF: The Middle East is a changing landscape. How do you prioritize the threats facing the Jewish state? AY: Speaking in terms of countries, there's...

    Soft Subversion and Palestinian Statehood

    Jon B. Perdue Fall 2011
    The study of asymmetric warfare has become a favored topic at war colleges and security conferences that analyze the fighting tactics of groups like...

    Hamas at a Crossroads

    Meir Litvak Fall 2011
    Hamas (acronym of Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiyya, the Islamic Resistance Movement) is standing at a historic crossroads, particularly in view of the ongoing upheaval in...

    A Post Palestinian State Simulation

    Aaron Lerner Fall 2011
    Simulations are important tools for policymakers. And there certainly have been numerous simulations of what may happen after the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian...

    Setting a Trap for Themselves

    Jonathan S. Tobin Fall 2011
    For the past several months Israelis and their foreign friends regarded the annual September meeting of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) with particular...

    The Politics of Change in Palestine

    Samara Greenberg Fall 2011
    Change in 'Palestine'? While not much has changed in the status of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations since 1993, facts on the ground have. From the destruction caused...

    Letter from the Publisher: A Palestinian State?

    Matthew Brooks Fall 2011
    With the Palestinian Authority's decision to walk away from peace negotiations with Israel, they have turned to unilateral measures to create a state. From...

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