Islam in Europe (Winter 2007)

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    The British Leave Basra – and Iraq

    Simon Henderson Winter 2007
    The British Army is leaving Iraq. It has already left Basra, the country's second largest city. It looks as though it will be leaving...

    Sarkozy’s Policy on Turkey’s E.U. Accession: Bad for France?

    Soner Cagaptay Winter 2007
    Anti-Muslim sentiment is on the rise in France. Largely unassimilated and disgruntled, thousands of rioting French Muslims cut a path of destruction throughout the...

    Terrorist TV in Eurabia

    Mark Dubowitz Winter 2007
    While much has been made about the anti-American bias of Arabic-language television networks like al-Jazeera in recent years, policymakers have largely ignored the incitement...

    Aborted Israel Boycotts in the UK

    Robert Ivker Winter 2007
    In May 2007, a British union representing approximately 120,000 British college instructors and teachers voted to begin a process they hoped would lead to...

    Transatlantic Gains and Strains

    Ambassador John R. Bolton Winter 2007
    iF: What is Europe's role in the U.N., and how might that prevent the United States from reaching its foreign policy goals? JB: There are...

    Cultural Weapons That Radicalize Europe’s Muslims

    Olivier Guitta Winter 2007
    In November 2005, the French banlieues (suburbs) erupted in violence. While most analysts insist that the violence was not Islamist in nature, the vast...

    Letter From the Publisher: Islam in Europe

    Matthew Brooks Winter 2007
    Europe is in trouble. A growing Muslim population poses long-term demographic dangers while Islamic extremism threatens Europe with terrorism. Some states, such as France,...

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