Borders, Nations and Conflict (Spring 2014)

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    Arc of Instability or Shiite Crescent?

    Clare M. Lopez Spring 2014
    A view is taking hold across the Middle East and beyond that the United States is determined to implement a policy of withdrawal from...

    Iran’s Nuclear Shadow

    Emanuele Ottolenghi Spring 2014
    During the past decade, Western diplomats have been engaged in protracted negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran over its nuclear program. Though a...

    War Front to Store Front

    Shoshana Bryen Spring 2014
    One Slice of the Iraq War Americans, by a fairly wide margin, tell pollsters that the Iraq war "wasn't worth it." This reflects, perhaps, an...

    Middle East Atlas Doesn’t Exist on the Ground

    Maj. Gen. Amos Gilad Spring 2014
    inFOCUS: This issue of inFOCUS Magazine is called "Nations, Borders and Conflict," and generally looks at Israel's neighbors. As you do the 10,000-foot view...

    Terror Strikes Again in Egypt

    The collapse of government and the anarchy that spread over Egypt right after the Mubarak regime was toppled led to the release and escape...

    Israel in the Eye of a Hurricane

    Ofir Haivry Spring 2014
    As upheaval sweeps into country after country of the Middle East, endemic instability has become the order of the day—with no end in sight....

    Letter from the Publisher

    Matthew Brooks Spring 2014
    The Spring 2014 issue of inFOCUS has as its theme "Borders, Nations and Conflict." 1914 was the last time the world's major empires were...

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