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    Harnessing the Energy of Trash

    Alyssa A. Lappen Fall 2009
    Among the greatest ironies of President Barack Obama's environmental policies is his federal budget proposal to "cap-and-trade" greenhouse gas emissions. The plan would roughly...

    Greens & Hawks: An Uneasy Alliance

    Gal Luft Fall 2009
    Many Americans perceive the fight for energy security and the effort to reduce our oil dependence as synonymous with the effort to curb greenhouse...

    ‘Oil Itself Is a Problem’

    James Woolsey Fall 2009
    iF: You've been working to get America off oil. What's driving your effort? JW: Well, about 40 percent of the global warming gas emissions that...

    Conservatism’s Green Roots

    David Jenkins Fall 2009
    This year's debate over climate change legislation has provided a vivid illustration of how today's conservative political and media leaders approach environmental issues. The...

    The Dismal Economics of Climate Regulation

    Jeff Kueter Fall 2009
    The U.S. Congress is now moving towards the creation of a cap-and-trade system. Proponents see the system, which has been strongly endorsed by President...

    A Climate Bill That Does Nothing for the Climate

    S. Fred Singer Fall 2009
    The House of Representatives on June 25 passed HR 2454, the Waxman-Markey Bill, also known as the American Clean Energy and Security Act, or...

    Letter From the Publisher: A Climate for Debate

    Matthew Brooks Fall 2009
    The wrangling over environmental legislation in Washington continues. Waxman-Markey, better known as Cap-and-Trade, raises serious questions about the global warming debate, the hysterical warnings...

    Public Transit Is Off-Track

    Randal O'Toole Fall 2009
    America faces many environmental challenges, ranging from energy shortages, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions to disappearing wildlife habitat. While these problems may be real,...

    Letter to the Editor – Breaking Our Oil Addiction

    Marc Goldman Fall 2009
    Dear Editor: Energy independence is the catch phrase of the millennium. The prospect of it is so tantalizing that virtually no American opposes it. Political leaders...

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